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Realities of Practice

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Realities of Practice

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Realities of Practice (Gray 2014)

The title of this book could easily be, Contemporary People Management Strategies, Principles and Techniques or, Homeopathic Management of Complex Cases and Difficult People. Examined, explored and described is how we can get better results in our practices for our clients and patients by attempting to apply our philosophy and theory to the contemporary world with our modern patients. Our practices now are all about navigating complex, difficult and non-compliant clients in modern homeopathic case management, a task that asks us to, all at once, put our feet firmly on the ground, know the traditions of homeopathy, and acknowledge that there are a significant group of clients that are moving at such a pace and in such a direction that homeopathy is in danger of being left behind.

Foreword Miranda Castro

Realities of Practice

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