Natural Medicine Philosophy

In natural medicine, in homeopathy and naturopathy in particular, the underpinning philosophy behind every prescription is paramount. In open-entry undergraduate colleges of natural medicine there is significant emphasis on this foundational grounding in the vitalistic traditions. If you have different values in your life - if for example you believe that …

  • it's important to take responsibility for your health
  • it matters what you eat
  • gentle is good
  • medicine should be sustainable
  • unnecessary use of pharmaceuticals is unethical
  • the relationship between practitioner and patient matters
  • there should be choice in health care
  • vested interests should be declared
  • symptoms are the language of disease
  • the inside is a mirror of the outside
  • the outside is a mirror of the inside
  • symptoms are to be listened to not suppressed
  • by organising the inside the outside takes care of itself

… then perhaps one of the branches of natural medicine could just be for you.

The study of natural medicine focuses on the philosophy form which we use our techniques and determine our clinical decision making.