Getting Busy in Complementary Medicine Practices

Examining the best of traditional and contemporary homeopathy, the simplicity of the method used by the masters, the excitement of new ideas and philosophies

The Fusion Sessions

What is it?

  • a finishing school, and a launching pad for homeopaths and naturopaths

  • ongoing support in practice

  • the bridge to busy homeopathic practice

a finishing school? So many homeopaths, naturopaths and graduating students of the healing arts feel like they need more. More information, more remedies, just more. They often speak of a lack of confidence in their skills. The fusion sessions are a place to round off, tie up loose ends and complete. This is a program designed to consolidate the training that was begun as an undergraduate.

a launching pad? Focusing on the practical aspects of running a busy, meaningful and sustainable practice, the fusion sessions are a place to assist you through the initial years and the practical aspects of homeopathy. This program provides the requisites of a successful homeopath. Naturopaths and other practitioners are also welcome to participate in the program.

a bridge? The bridge between the two; a bridge to the next phase of your life in complementary medicine. Bridge; to join, to bring into communication two bring together.