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All I can say is that meeting you and doing Fusion has been a turning point in my career, it has flipped me upside down and shaken a lot of the hindering thought patterns that can be cast upon us by other well-meaning homies, and other practitioners. If only Fusion were part of every ADip Hom curriculum - I think we'd see a very different rate of success and tenacity in graduates. I was tossing up between a few different courses, and boy am I glad I chose Fusion.
T Sydney
“What a great experience Fusions proved to be…meaningful, valuable, and so much fun. Alastair created a wonderful and practical learning experience with a great group of people.  He inspired passion and confidence in me to go out into the practical world of building a successful homeopathic practice and sustaining it.  I’ve finished Fusions with such enthusiasm, and ideas for my practice and homeopathy, it is so exciting.  I laughed so much and leant so much!!”
H Brisbane
Hi Alastair, before the weeks run away I just wanted to send an email to say thank you for having the Fusion classes. I have thought a lot about different things that have come up over the Sessions and I am so glad I attended. It isnt right to say in a few words what hours and weeks of revision, discussion and guest lecturers have added to my experience of homeopathy, but I do feel that what I began with has been turned inside out and given a good shake releasing little concepts stuck fast in corners that I didn't know were there. Thank you for this opportunity to revisit, to release and to refresh. I am working on the proving notes and will send them to you as soon as I finish them. Thank you once again.
W Brisbane
Hi Al, Just wanted to say hello, I hope all is well with u, wanted to let u know I have committed to a full-time clinic, have a room that is mine 24/7, all is going fantastically well, a few doses of Lyc and some Sulphur helped a lot, and of course FUSION!!!  Thanks again Al for such a great year with Fusion, I feel so very 'fused', I'm ready to take on anything! Just wanted to share my news with u and thank u once again, keep up the great work Al.
K Brisbane
The post graduate Fusion Sessions provided the bridge and the tools necessary for spanning the gap between being a homeopathic practitioner and running a successful business. Alastair in his own energetic individual style encouraged us to expand our boundaries, and delve into realms we either didn’t know existed or were afraid to go. The course also bought together all the fragments that, for me, never fitted together, resulting in a clearer picture. Thanks Al for helping me to put the pieces together.
J Brisbane
Had my first full day with patients yesterday, 8 to 5.30 so that was a milestone and did celebrate with a glass of wine. Thank-you you so much, it was just great and I think I would have been really, really struggling without everything you have given. Your energy and enthusiasm is catchy.   I used maps all day yesterday, had a lovely time with it. (I think the patients benefited too)
Hi Al, Thanks again for putting together another fabulous, fun and interesting weekend. The whole Fusion experience has been very worthwhile for me and has provided lots of food-for-thought on how I should be practicing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! We need more homeopaths like you.